Through MSI I am able to offer the services of a team of top professionals in every aspect of motor racing. Personally I can provide:

I specialize in the layout of road race tracks for both cars and motorcycles. There are numerous factors that influence the successful layout of a safe and challenging track, with a complex set of standards recognized by sanctioning bodies and insurers. I am one of a select few individuals with the knowledge to undertake the layout of road courses, and have a record of producing world-class tracks for both competitors and spectators.

As a professional civil engineer and construction manager I am uniquely equipped to translate my layouts into a living circuit. As with the layout, there are particular materials and techniques that separate the construction of a track from an everyday road. This knowledge translates in faster, more economical projects, without costly reworks or redesigns.

My expertise in the organization of events has been recognized both nationally and internationally. The expertise gained from working in race control in F1, Le Mans, IMSA and Moto GP, and the promotion and staging of the Australian and US Moto GP’s has been learnt from the best in the business. This experience not only allows me to design and build into tracks features that improve their operation, but equips me to produce procedures and guidelines for their management and use.

With my knowledge and experience in track layout, construction, and operations I am able to undertake reviews of proposed and existing facilities to establish their compliance with safety standards. If required I can provide recommendations for the necessary corrections and improvements.

With over twenty years experience of motorsports combined with my knowledge of track safety and operations, I am able to provide expert opinion and testimony in cases involving on-track incidents.