Wayne Gardner- “And no-one should ever forget what he did for motor sport in Australia in the 1980s and early 1990s. He not only took us on to the world stage, but demonstrated that Australia could host major events as well as any – and better than most. We’ve been reaping the benefits ever since.”

Inaugural Adelaide Formula 1 Grand Prix, 1985

“The circuit was marvelous, everything was beautifully and professionally organized.”
~Niki Lauda, Formula One World Champion

“I think the words I heard from a radio commentator last week in Hobart echo the thoughts (more or less) of many Australians and overseas Grand Prix enthusiasts when he said, “I think the man should be knighted!” “Your endeavours not only in an engineering sense but also in the management of the many complex variables was, to say the least, exceptional and I congratulate you.”
~G.T. Whitbread, City Manager, City of Kensington and Norword

“We all stepped out into the unknown, dreamed of the ultimate, and produced it.” “So, for your vision and your hard work, I truly thank you – AND SO SHOULD THE WHOLE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA!”
~Ian Cocks, Chairman, Australia Formula One G.P.

“On behalf of Philip Morris, I wish to congratulate you on providing a superb track and amenities for the very successful inaugural Formula One Grand Prix. The Award won was richly deserved and we were delighted to be associated with you in such a successful event.”
~William H. Webb, Managing Director, Philip Morris

“You have just put together (obviously with much help) the greatest sporting event that Australia has ever seen or staged.”
~Gary Phillpotts, State Manager, Bob Jane T-Marts

“Due to the talent of Mr. Bob Barnard, the Adelaide Parklands Circuit is certainly the finest achievement with regard to non-permanent circuits of the World Championship…”
~Confederation of Australian Motorsport

“Just a short note to congratulate you on a stunning success…” “…we are certain that you must personally accept the greater part of the credit for the success of the whole project.”
~Justin Milne, Producer, Newsfilms Pty, Ltd.

“As the Chief Project Engineer for the first event in Adelaide, Bob Barnard had the huge responsibility of making sure the track was ready. He succeeded so well that Adelaide rewrote the definition of a street circuit.”
~Australian Grand Prix Office


Phillip Island Circuit and the Inaugural Australian MotoGP - 1989

“Obviously a dream come true and no-one more than your whole organization deserves the fairytale ending. “…I would like to stress that I do not think I have seen more committed, enthusiastic and dedicated team of people in my many years of motorsport activity.”
~John Newcombe, PR/Publicity Manager, Rothmans Honda World Championship Motorcycle Racing Team

“Great venue. Great coverage. Great organization. And just the best bike race I’ve ever seen. Well done mate, I think you deserve as much praise as Wayne (Gardner).”
~Richard Osborn, Weekes Morris & Osborn

“I would like to congratulate you for staging the best motor sport event that I have ever attended.”
~Colin C. McLeod, McLeod Group of Companies

“May I congratulate your organization and you in particular, in staging the outstandingly successful inaugural Motorcycle Grand Prix at Phillip Island.”
~Neil Trezise, Minister for Sport and Recreation, Victoria, Australia

“Please accept my sincere congratulations on the award bestowed on the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix as the Best Organised and Presented Sporting Event in Australia in 1989.”
~Neil Trezise, Minister for Sport and Recreation, Victoria, Australia

“My congratulations to you and your Company for the successful promotion of the inaugural Motor Cycle Grand Prix at Phillip Island.” “…Congratulations…for conducting such an important event on the world’s sporting calendar so successfully.”
~John Cain, Premier of Victoria

“…The Grand Prix was an outstanding success. On the day it was one of the most exciting sports events Australia has seen.” “Of special and lasting importance is the prestige you have brought to Victoria through this event. The State owes you a great debt for securing the Grand Prix for Phillip Island and running it so well.”
~Hon. Mark Birrell, M.P.

“This is a short note to express my deep appreciation for the fantastic job you did staging the Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island. It was truly a world-class event that compared more than favourably with all the other GPs. In fact, most of the riders agreed it set new standards.” “…I began dreaming of winning the first event. That dream came true last Sunday in circumstances I will never forget. To have 92,000 of your countrymen cheering you on is a very moving experience. That slow-down lap with the Australian flag, with everyone running out on the track, was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. Thank you for making it possible.” “…Once again, congratulations on the great job you did on your first motorcycle GP. You did Australia proud…”
~Wayne Gardner, World Motorcycle Champion

“Congratulations. It was a brilliant effort, carried off with real professional style! You sure showed ‘em how to do it!"
~Frank Pangallo, Chief of Staff, Channel 7 Adelaide

“The Toyota Supra and Cressida launch worked well – due in no small part to the Phillip Island venue and to the hard work of yourself and your colleagues.” “The most impressive thing about the launch, to borrow a line from your AGP sponsor, is that they said you’d never make it…and you did.” “The track impressed the daylights out of everyone who drove on it.” “BPM deserves every success. You meet your deadlines and deliver on your promises.”
~John Smailes, The Project Group

“One more time, thanks deeply for your fantastic job down under.”
~Jean Marc Bonnay, Team Gauloises Blondes Yamaha

“As a race circuit, this layout rates ten out of ten; it is just the sort of track we are missing in current grand prix racing. It’s great to see a fast track with no Mickey Mouse chicanes or slow corners.”
~Kenny Roberts, Sr., 3-time World 500cc Motorcycle Champion

“There was no avoiding the feeling that you had more than witnessed, you had been part of something special. For it (the 500GP) was, without doubt, one of the greatest Grands Prix of all time.”
~Peter Clifford, Editor, Motocourse

“Many still consider the almost-constantly turning racetrack at Phillip Island to be the best motorcycle racing circuit in the world.”
~Dean Adams, SuperbikePlanet.com

“I have known Bob for some decades now and have the utmost respect for his abilities, achievements and professionalism. Bob is hugely experienced and conveys a sense of an easy going personality combined with a great capacity to get things done. These qualities are prime requirements in project management in my opinion and this guy has a proven track record across several continents working with and for some of the best people in the world.”
~Peter Ingley, Motorsport Engineering & Management Consultant, Ingley & Associates

“Bob is one of the pioneers of constructing racing circuits and he made a huge impact with the acclaimed Adelaide street race track and subsequently other tracks. These projects are civil engineering projects with huge time issues and other problems. That the races went ahead on time confirm his ability.”
~~Andrew Marriott, President, Pit Lane Productions


U.S. MotoGP – Laguna Seca - 1993

“Absolutely fantastic! How else can I describe the experience of the U.S.G.P. at the Laguna Seca raceway last weekend. My family, including me, had a wonderful time and all of us were extremely impressed with the numerous activities and quality entertainment provided along with the incredibly exciting motorcycle racing.” “I still can’t believe how well organized and top notch the entire event was…”
~Reed E. Clawson, President, Aviation West Insurance Brokers, Inc.

“The Monterey Peninsula took the checkered flag at the finish of your U.S.G.P. ’93. The members of the Monterey County Hospitality Association wish to extend sincere appreciation for a world class event. The fans enjoyed an exciting weekend of top-notch racing and area business experienced a very welcome economic boost.”
~Lloyd Kirsch, President, Monterey County Hospitality Association

“I want you to know how thoroughly impressed I was by every aspect of your event. You and your organization have truly moved the level of professionalism in American roadracing up a substantial amount.”
~Scott Goodwin, Publisher, Petersen Motorcycle Group

“…Thank ya’ll for the excellent experience I had last month at the U.S.G.P. I have never had a more positive racing experience in my life!” “I’ll be back next year.”
~Jimmy Rhodes, fan

“It was easily the best-run, most hassle-free event I have ever attended.” “Our efforts with Kevin Schwantz resulted in race preview coverage in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Examiner and the Houston Chronicle for a total circulation of 4.7 million readers. That was easily the best single week we have ever had for Suzuki press relations.”
~Ty van Hooydonk, Senior Account Executive, Paine Associates

“…thanks to you and your crew, everything seems to have been a great success! The world-class racing, trials, and spectacular air shows blew everybody’s socks off, and we are already looking forward to next year.”
~Frank Okun, Sales Manager, Doubletree at Fisherman’s Wharf

“I want to Thank You again for the great time we had at the 1993 United States Motorcycle Grand Prix, I have attended the USGP since 1988 and this was the best year ever!”
~Craig Valgean, fan


Road Atlanta Reconstruction and the Inaugural Petit Le Mans - 1998

“I was very impressed with your enthusiasm and the up-beat direction, which I can see Road Atlanta providing the competition.”
~Billy Kamphausen, Director of Logistics, C.A.R.T.

“I want extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work you and your organization have done to make PLM such a success, especially for a first time event.” “All had nothing but glowing comments about their experience.”
~Todd Hudson, fan

“I attended the Petit LeMans last weekend. The changes made to the track are superb! The new pit/paddock area is great and the raised spectator areas are a blessing.” “I was impressed so much by your extensive work done at Road Atlanta since June and the Petit LeMans race itself…”
~Robert Irvin, “a satisfied fan”

“Let me compliment you on the updated Road Atlanta facility! I attended the Saturday and Sunday LeMans races, and was blown away by the wonderful changes to the course.” “I’ll be back! Thanks for everything.”
~Philip H. Pollock, fan

“Bob's knowledge and ability to complete projects on time and within budget were a major factor in the success of our program.”
~Michael Gue, President, Essex Racing Services, Inc.

“Just a note to congratulate you on an exceptional event this weekend past. The intense effort put forth was obvious, the co-ordination superb.” “Road Atlanta is finally emerging as a world class venue.”
~Betty Martin, SCCA Medical Team


Daytona International Speedway, Infield Redevelopment, 2004

“I can unequivocally say this is the most professional collection of individuals I have worked with in my entire career. Your commitment to quality of workmanship, safety and fiscal responsibility was unmatched."
~Scott T. Fenstermacher, President, The QuestCom Group, Inc.

“…I am truly thankful to be a part of the…team that was responsible for bringing one of the most historical racing venues into the twenty-first century with state of the art improvements.”
~Robert J. Ball, P.E., Project Manager, Zev Cohen & Associates, Inc.

“Our company has had the privilege to have worked on many such projects across the country and found none equal in the attention to detail that was displayed on this project.” “I would like to say how much we appreciated being part of the team that was able to transform this world-class facility into the superlative one that it now is.”
~Cecil Ward, Vice President, Don Bell Signs

“I had the opportunity to recruit Bob to Haskell for his expertise in roadway transportation design and project management, to support Haskell’s transportation division. A world class background and leader in design and project management provided the wealth of knowledge for Bob to draw from when faced with challenging issues on any project. His unique ability to develop and maintain relationships with owners, local officials, design teams, sub contractors, Sr. management and the project team is second to none. Uncompromising morals and integrity were the foundation that made Bob a great teacher, coach and mentor to all he touched and stranger to no one. A true team player and motivator, who allowed everyone to feel a sense of accomplishment toward the mission objective, I welcome the opportunity to work with Bob again one day in the future.”
~Coleman Walker, Director of Talent Acquisition, Haskell

“Bob and I worked together renovating the in-field of the Daytona International Speedway. This was a large project with a very aggressive schedule. The team that was assembled to manage this project came together from various parts of the company. As such, we were not accustomed to working together. Of all the people on that project, Bob was one of the easiest to get along with. He brought the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. His senior guidance improved the performance of the team. Bob and the team overcame many challenges on this project. I admire his determination and ability to manage and lead with a rational style that adds organization to any project. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with Bob and to consider him a friend.”
~Paul Bellas, Project Manager, Haskell

“Bob is the type of professional that is always willing to share all his knowledge while he is managing people at the same time. He has excellent communication skills at all levels, with clients, co-workers, pupils and friends. His extensive knowledge in construction and construction management are a strong foundation to support what he is passionate about and what he lives for, race tracks and all facilities related to cars and motorcycles.”
~Antonio Valdivia, A1A, Design Associate, Haskell


 Victory Lane, Georgia

“Bob created for Victory Lane a private 4.5-mile road course that was a true world class design. The design was comparable to any of the great tracks around the world Spa, Road America, Monza. The design incorporated a great variety of technical turns with high-speed corners. The course design was 16 different configurations ranging from 2 to 4.5-miles that could be run both clock wise and counter clockwise. There is no other design like it in the world. Bob's design also incorporated a barrier free course within the 500-acre meadow. Bob used his vast experience in racing (both autos and motorcycles), F1 race control and as SCCA technical advisor to create the Victory Lane Phil Hill Motor Sports road course.”
~Andrew Goggin, Owner, Victory Lane LLC