For over 25 years I have been involved in a variety of motorsport on two and four wheels across four continents. From track layout and construction through operation and promotion I have experience at the highest levels of the sport and a knowledge of the correct specifications and procedures for the safety of competitors, workers and spectators.

Unlike most of life's situations where the emphasis is on accident prevention, sport must start from the premise that an accident is almost certain to occur at some point in time. Competitive sport involves participants pushing themselves and their equipment to the limit, and inevitably beyond. It is at that point that measures must be put in place, both physical and operational, to endeavour to limit the exposure of both the competitor and those around them to injury. 

Motorsport has developed those measures through experience and research to a point where if those proper procedures are in place then the level of risk has been significantly reduced. It is only when these correct procedures have been ignored that problems arise. 

I have brought my knowledge and experience to assist attorneys in a variety of cases from road racing, small ovals, drag strips and kart tracks. The basic safety systems apply across all forms of racing, whether it is the correct barrier walls and fences, to the proper emergency procedures. Please contact me to discuss your client's situation as early as possible in a pending claim so I might assist you in framing the correct pleadings or response.